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Scientific work and quality system

Electronica JSC was founded on the base of Saint-Petersburg ElectroTechnical University "LETI" (etu.ru/en/university/). There are many LETI graduates among employees of our company. Thanks to long-standing relations and joint Scientific Projects with LETI, we have exceptional possibilities in the field of electronic components and devices, including their testing with further provision of results to our customers.

We understand and pay attention to the value and importance of a quality system as the support of both our reliability as a supplier and our compliance with highest world standards. All employees of Neva Electronica pass internal and external trainings on regulations of operations with electronic components; data gathering & storage system and on procedures of reporting to company's suppliers and customers. Neva Electronica is Certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Our company's stock is equipped with antistatic zone & shelves, vacuum packaging machine and microclimate control system.

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