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About us

Neva Electronica JSC is a wholesale distributor of electronic components in the Russian market. We focus on promotion and implementation of new electronic components into end user equipment in close cooperation with many large worldwide manufacturers and global distributors. Our company's major product-line priorities are:

  • Image sensors (CCDs & CMOS)
  • Infrared devices;
  • MEMS components (oscillators, switches, gyros, accelerometers);
  • Digital cameras;
  • Solid State Drive (SSD);
  • TOF systems;
  • Microwave components.

Our strategy is not to be a "supermarket", but to develop as a leading expert distributor in such segments of the Russian market as Scientific, Industrial, Telecom and Medical. Neva Electronica has approved itself as a reliable partner in execution of complicated Projects. We provide deep technical support on the products we supply to our customers and consult them on the best choices and technical solutions for their Projects. We organize technical seminars and conferences for our customers and participate in relevant exhibitions worldwide and locally in Russia, in order to ensure coverage of new products and to support existing projects.

Design of imaging systems

New R&D centre was established in 2010 to design new imaging systems for our customers. There is an opportunity to order design ether of imaging system part (e.g. headboard on particular photosensitive detector) or fully completed digital camera for different applications. In addition to that we make a big work to provide different technical and analytical information to our customers to let them choose best way for their design.

Our development activities as follows:

  • Elaboration the technical task;
  • Analytical calculation and PC simulation;
  • Schematics development;
  • PCB development;
  • Firmware and Software programming;
  • Mechanical development;
  • Technical documentation writing.

We are ready to make all necessary testing procedures if it’s required.

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